Bible Educational Services Ireland (BES Ireland) promotes Bibletime Bible lessons, Goodseed and Eikon Bible Art and other resources for individual and church use.

Established by Bert and Wendy Gray as BES Ireland in 1971, our registered charity expanded to the UK in 2002 with the formation of Bible Education Services Trust UK (Registered Charity – 1096157).

Bert and Wendy Gray’s vision was to spread the word of God to young people. They established Postal Bible School Centres, sending educational materials for courses, firstly in the Republic of Ireland and, latterly, to the UK and wider Europe.

BES’s mission continues to centre on spreading the word of the Bible to children, young people and adults. We’ve also expanded our own range of literature, videos and courses thanks to relationships with the likes of Goodseed and Eikon Bible Art.

BES Ireland supports the ministry of BES worldwide by increasing prayer interest and seeking funding. Our website and representatives also promote various bible resources.